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Getting Your Employees To & From Work

Commute With Enterprise remains committed to helping your workforce move forward. 

As your company plans for employees to return to the workplace, we can provide them with a reliable ride to work in a controlled, contained environment. 

How Does Commute with Enterprise Work? 

Today and every day, we are focused on the well-being of our customers, commuters, employees and communities. And we are dedicated to ensuring our partners’ transportation needs are met:

  • We’ll work with your team to tailor a vanpooling program to meet your company’s immediate transportation needs and business goals.
  • We’ll segment your employees into groups, based on where they live and the shifts they work. (This means your employees will be riding to and from work with the same people, on the same schedule, every day.)
  • We’ll provide each group with a late-model minivan, SUV or passenger van – whichever fits their group and route best.
  • Riders share responsibilities, like driving and vehicle care. We provide best practices for cleaning and Complete Clean Starter Kits for new Commutes.
  • Riders split the cost of rent, fuel, tolls and parking and could save up to $6,000 a year.*


*According to 2019 Enterprise reporting and 2019 AAA data.